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Ecommerce3 minute readJune 3, 2024

The Biggest Blindspot Sinking Ecommerce Businesses

You’re driving record sales this month, but do you really know if you’re profitable? Too many ecommerce founders are flying blind when it comes to their finances — and it’s causing them to crash and burn.

Ecommerce3 minute readJuly 16, 2024

Profitability ≠ Cash Flow: Why You Can Have Profit Without Money in the Bank

At Parker, one of the most common questions we hear from our customers is, "Why do I have so much profit on my P&L but no cash in the bank?" Every DTC founder faces this challenge eventually — managing the tension between profitability and cash flow.

Ecommerce4 minute readJuly 16, 2024

Our Debt Framework for Fast-Growing Ecommerce Brands

There are lots of ways to take on business debt. Parker’s risk team has narrowed it down to four main options, ordered from most to least desirable.

Case Study4 minute readJuly 3, 2024

How immi Leveraged Parker to Unlock Optimal Payment Terms

"With Parker, it's a set balance from day one. You know exactly how much you're getting – and if you want more, it's an open conversation with their team. That created more transparency for our accounting team and made our lives easier."

Case Study4 minute readJuly 2, 2024

How Parker Enabled Huron to Grow Without External Investment

“As we think about how to cross that chasm from brand to business, we’re looking for infrastructural pillars to support our journey. Parker’s certainly one of them. I think the product is fantastic.”

Case Study3 minute readJune 27, 2024

How Caraway Used Parker to 3X Ad-spend

“We’ve loved using Parker’s financing products. I consider it a core tool that effectively enables you to have an unlimited budget.”

Entrepreneurship5 minute readApril 23, 2024

The Danger of the “Dream Mind” (and how to avoid it)

As a founder, it's dangerously easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind of execution.

Entrepreneurship7 minute readApril 22, 2024

Goldilocks Conviction

What conviction really means

Entrepreneurship6 minute readApril 18, 2024

Why Founders Need Recovery, Not Relaxation

As the co-founder of a fast-growing fintech (Parker), I’ve experienced my fair share of burnout. Like most ambitious people, I assumed being tired and overworked just came with the territory.

Entrepreneurship9 minute readApril 9, 2024

Letter to a Fundraising Founder

Building a great product, and raising money to fund the continued vision of that product, are two completely different sets of skills

Entrepreneurship4 minute readMarch 16, 2023

Parker Raises $157mm in Total Funding to Build the Financial Hub for E-commerce

We’ve grown to support hundreds of brands — including large, fast-growing businesses. The ten largest brands using Parker do well over $1bn in combined revenue each year.

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