The card that grows your eCommerce brand

  • Up to 90 day rolling payback terms

  • Up to $10 million card limits

Parker Card

Designed for more cash flow

It’s that simple. With Parker’s rolling terms, you get up to 90 days on every transaction - meaning you keep more of your capital working in your business, instead of dumping it into one large balloon payment at the end of every month.

Up to 90 days to pay

Raised limits to keep up with you

At Parker, we think your credit limit should be based on performance. By understanding how well your business is doing, we can raise your limit and keep your flexible terms intact — without all the hassle.

Card limits tailored to you

Get your limit fast by connecting your ecommerce accounts with Parker’s integrations.

Grow now
Pay not now

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  • Average Credit Duration*
  • Up to 60 days
  • 15 to 22.5 days
  • Stability in credit limits
  • Rolling payback terms
  • E-commerce focused

* For peer companies, Average Credit Duration assumes steady daily spend throughout statement period, with balance paid in full at maturity. Maturity is 30 days for Brex and 45 for Amex. For Parker, Average Credit Duration assumes 60 day duration for every day of spend.

Parker card

Now you’re unstoppable

  • Fast process

    Connect your accounts and access a limit within 48 hours.
  • Dynamic limits

    As you grow and scale, your credit limit can do the same.
  • Performance-based

    Our limits are based on your performance, not just cash on hand.
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  • Baseballism
  • “Parker really stepped up for our company”

  • “It was a no-brainer for us to get on board with them”

  • “Parker has played a pivotal role for us”

  • “We use Parker for everything we can”

  • Leslie Street
    • Leslie Street
    • CFO/COO
    • Amour Vert
  • Kevin Chanthasiriphan
    • Kevin Chanthasiriphan
    • Co-Founder
    • Immi
  • Ron Shah
    • Ron Shah
    • CEO
    • MyObvi
  • Travis Chock
    • Travis Chock
    • Chairman/Founder
    • Baseballism

“After a brief underwriting process, Parker gave us the limit we were looking for and we were off and running. They have been a pleasure to work with and super responsive along the way. I recommend Parker to anyone looking for a great Corporate Card partner!”

“You know exactly how much you’re getting – and if you want more, it’s an open conversation with their team. That created more transparency for our accounting team and made our lives easier.”

“We’ve boot-strapped our way from a $10K investment to $30 million in sales at Obvi. Parker has played a pivotal role for us in allowing us to create a negative cash conversion cycle with their products such as 60 Day Rolling Net Term Cards. What makes Parker unique is they understand D2C and what it takes to grow. They understand the nuances and they’re here to support you.”

“Parker is the number one fintech product that we use. We hope to continue using them for everything we possibly can. I see Parker playing a pivotal role in our eCom tooling stack for a long time.”


Start growing without the growing pains.

  • Up to 90 day rolling payback terms
  • Up to $10 million card limits
  • No interest or hidden fees